Virtual Assistant

Talented People, Set Up For Success

Unic Media is unlike any other business you’ve worked with before. You might have used recruitment agencies, temps or even freelancers in the past; but a business that provides Virtual Assistant services focused on helping to grow businesses is still a relatively new concept for many.

But there’s definite demand for what we do. Remote working and portfolio careers are thriving, as more and more people want a better work-life balance. Our VAs are highly experienced professionals, who simply want to have meaningful jobs without the commute or hassle.

What sets Unic Media apart from other Virtual Assistant services is that we only work with the very best. Our smart, capable talent pool has already proved their mettle. We set the bar high for VAs that want to work for us, and we ensure that the clients we pair them with are a perfect match. All of our Virtual Assistants have several years of experience and the expertise needed to support you as you grow your business.

Seasoned Professionals

Our Virtual Assistants have a proven track record at well-known companies.

Matched to your Needs

We take time to understand your needs before matching you with a VA with the right skills.

Ease of Communication

All Virtalent VAs are native English speakers, based in the United States.

Discover how a Unic Media VA can help you achieve your business goals.