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How Was Unic Founded?

Unic is an idea born in the mind of our founder and current CEO, Orlando Muhller. The objective was to form a company that would allow small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to have the advantages that large companies have today, without having to invest large amounts of money, which was a challenge from the start.

What does Unic mean?

We quickly realized that what gave the big companies the advantage was "Knowledge" and that's where our name originated. "Unic" means "Expert", "He who Instructs". We focus on guiding our clients with the knowledge we'e obtained through the years- free of charge, giving them the secret of how to prosper their business, and providing them with tools that large companies woulld pay large amounts of money for.

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So, we understood what is our mission and vision


As the name of our company says, we want to "Teach". We want to show you how you can move your business forward in the most efficient way, while at the same time providing you with the right tools to achieve it.


Unic Media will teach businesses the best marketing strategies that generate business growth and give them advantages over their local competitors.

Long Story Short

A Little About Unic